MacLeod Ale

Mostly British Ale brewed fresh in Van Nuys


Conditional Use Permit Progress

On December 10, 2016, approx 50 loyal fans as well as other interested parties and even a couple of dissenters gathered in a hearing room in Van Nuys to discuss a new Conditional Use Permit for MacLeod Ale.

The renewal of the permit was required at our two-year mark, and we took advantage of the renewal process to add a few new requests: Longer hours, an outdoor patio, and live entertainment. At the hearing, several challenges were discussed. First, the LAPD recommendations for extending the hours fell well short of what we were asking. Second, parking was discussed as a problem, and although the administrator stated she could not impose more parking requirements on us, she did want to hear how we planned to solve the problem. Third, unfortunately our request for live entertainment was somehow omitted from our application, and therefore could not be part of the discussion. The outdoor patio was not controversial.

The administrator extended the closing date of our file until January 4th, and then extended that further to January 20, at which time our file will close and she will begin the process of writing our determination letter. So we are still a ways off from finding out the result of our hearing, but here is where we are:

We met with the Van Nuys department of the LAPD and are happy to report that they will amend their recommendation to be more favorable for longer hours. Fingers crossed we may be able to extend our hours until Midnight daily. The best part of this meeting was that the Van Nuys Captain, Lillian L. Carranza, came to the brewery in person to get a personal tour from our General Manager, Kevin Pratt, and she loved it!

We have collected many letters of cooperation from nearby businesses who are happy to allow us to utilize their parking lots in the evenings. Shortly we will provide a parking guide showing some of the options and when they are available to patrons. We are also tackling the REAL parking issue, which is that there are several auto repair businesses on our street who park patron cars illegally on the street. We are working with various city agencies on this.

We are hoping to solve this by requesting an omission of restrictive language in our new CUP. Who knows if that is possible, but we are doing our best!

The Zoning Administrator will likely take "a while" to type up her final determination letter. She won't even start on that until after January 20. Our last determination letter took four months to complete. We are confident this one won't take as long, but this part of the process is definitely out of our control. We will keep you all posted!