MacLeod Ale

Mostly British Ale brewed fresh in Van Nuys


They who drink beer will think beer.
— Washington Irving

Donation Requests

We at MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. are happy to donate beer to your event or non-profit organization, however we have a very limited supply and must follow strict guidelines set out by the ABC and other entities.

We address some of these issues on our FAQ page, but here are the major points again:

  • Breweries are only allowed to donate to federally designated 501(c) organizations. For events where breweries are going to pour beer a non-profit organization must apply for a special daily permit license (ABC 221) through the ABC. Or breweries may donate beer to a 501(c) organization that is holding a private event (not open to the public, no charge for admission and no sales of alcohol) that is being held on a premises that is not licensed by the ABC.

Do you/does your event have a temporary retail license to dispense beer, i.e., a non-profit special event license?

Catering licenses, concessionaire licenses or any other permanent retail licenses disqualify your event from dispensing donated beer because you do not have the appropriate non-profit special event license. In the event that your association has a permanent retail license AND has also procured a temporary non-profit special event license, we still cannot donate beer because the permanent retail license outweighs the temporary special events license. 

If you/your event does indeed have a temporary non-profit special event license and you would like to request beer to be donated by MacLeod Ale, please fill out the form below. We will respond to all inquiries and either indicate if our current beer supply is too low to donate or to work out further details regarding the donation. In the event that we can donate beer to your event, we will need a copy of your temporary special event license for our files.

Name *
Please indicate your event name/organization in the subject line, as in "Donation Request for ABC Event"
We have obtained a temporary ABC One-Day Special Event License *
Please check one of the following:
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Time of Event
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Please let us know approximate amount of beer you would like us to donate and any other pertinent information.

Thank you! We will get back to you with our thoughts and stock allocation!