MacLeod Ale

Mostly British Ale brewed fresh in Van Nuys


They who drink beer will think beer.
— Washington Irving

Donation Requests

We get many requests for donations of beer. Unfortunately, we can only donate beer under the following narrow circumstances:

  1. You are a bona fide 501(c)3 non-profit organization AND
  2. You have obtained a one-day special event license from the ABC [form ABC-221] OR you are having a private event*. This license must be applied for at least two weeks prior to the event. [Click here to download the application.]

If you are NOT a non-profit and would like to serve beer, you must purchase it. However, you should check with the ABC to find out if it is legal to serve beer at your event. Many people believe that if you are not charging for the alcohol, it is ok to serve it, but this is not the case. Generally, unless you meet the above criteria you can only serve alcohol at a private party or event.

Common myths and misbeliefs:

  1. It’s ok because you are utilizing a “licensed bartender”
  2. It’s ok because the theater/hotel/golf course/venue has a license
  3. It’s ok because you are not charging for the beer
  4. It’s a private party because you have to have a ticket to get in

Furthermore, if you ARE a 501(c)3 and you HAVE obtained a special one-day license from the ABC, we are only able to donate cash or beer [as in beer for serving at the event]. We cannot donate swag or gift cards.

*A private event is an event by invitation only. If tickets can be purchased by the public, it is not a private event. If the event is promoted on Social Media, it is not a private event. Examples of a private event are: A wedding, a birthday party, or any event that is not accessible by the general public.

If you have read the above and believe your event fits within the requirements, we are happy to receive your donation request! 

Name *
Please indicate your event name/organization in the subject line, as in "Donation Request for ABC Event"
We have obtained a temporary ABC One-Day Special Event License *
Please check one of the following:
Date of Event *
Date of Event
Time of Event
Time of Event
Please let us know approximate amount of beer you would like us to donate and any other pertinent information.

Thank you! We will get back to you with our thoughts and stock allocation!