Thank you to the following people for joining our Founders 54 Club, helping fund our brewery, and for always filling our tasting room with a sense of love and community!


Rick Bunker
Jerry Cohen of Legal Shield, Inc.
Grant Paulis


John Beck
Josh Beck
Matthew Beck, TVtibi
Timothy William Beck
Laird Bryan Blair
Lady Jamie Blair
Nathaly Blanco
Susie Comi
Shelby T. Dawson
Gerard Deegan
Scott DeClercq
Carl A. Diaz
Gary Garcia
Israel Gonzalez-Sandoval
Bradley Greenspan
Michael Haley
Ted J. Hall
Stacey Hinnen
Kevin Hopps
Daniel Malbon
Jeremiah McNulty
Chris Norton
Bridgyn O'Dea
Danyel O'Dea
Mark Ogburn
Melody Ogburn
Morgan Paulis
Sean Paulis
Michelle Prentiss
Denis St. Amand
Reilly St. Amand
Greg Schneider
Kelsey Schneider
Logan Siston
Victor Suarez
Agent X-Ray


Susan Garber
Seth Thomas Levine
Evan Lyons
Julie M. Mathis
Jennifer Pihlak
Christopher Preston
The Tidwell Family, Troy and Lexi
Donald E. Wygal