MacLeod Ale

Mostly British Ale brewed fresh in Van Nuys


stay with the beer. beer is continuous blood. a continuous lover.
— Charles Bukowski

The following beers are available for draft service. For details, contact Sean McInerney | 818-370-9454.

Better Days.jpg

Better Days

Pale Ale 5.5%

Centennial, Cascade, and Citra hopped, this fruity and spiced-on-the-nose delight combines with a caramel malt-forward palate to create the perfect combination of fruity, spicy, sweet, and dry.

Cutting Bracken

Brown Ale 5.3%

Sweet chocolate and caramel combine for a nice malty yet refreshing Ale with a crisp finish.

Cut and Dry


Dry Irish Stout 4.5%

Coffee and dark chocolate on the nose is complimented with a creamy mouthfeel, and bitter dark roast coffee palate. The real perfect Irish Stout.

Lost in London (1).jpg

Lost in London

Oatmeal Stout 4.7%

Robust with its espresso notes and dark chocolate on the nose, yet finishes Stout dry for the perfect sip.

Deal with the Devil

IPA 7.2%

Hopped with Hercules, Summit, and experimental hops, guava, passionfruit, and star fruit tempt the nose, while the hoppy undertones complete the sip. The hops quickly fade out allowing for more fruity hop enjoyment.