Sometimes when I reflect on all the beer I drink, I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about all the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn’t drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. I think, ‘It is better to drink this beer and let their dreams come true than to be selfish and worry about my liver!’
— Babe Ruth

Join MacLeod Ale's Punters Club!

Do you love MacLeod Ale? Would you like to become a member of a very exclusive club, a club that includes HAPPY HOUR PRICES ALL YEAR LONG? Well, then you've come to the right place! Welcome to the PUNTERS CLUB!

punter [ˈpʌntə ]  n.  (ca. 1700)  1.  chiefly Brit: CUSTOMER, PATRON   a:  the paying public  2.  "the everyman"

WHAT IS THE punters club?

The Punters Club is a mug club that entitles you to Happy Hour prices EVERY DAY, FOR EVERY PINT! Your Punters Club membership comes with a traditional "Pint Pot" for you to bring to the brewery to be filled with 20 oz (an Imperial Pint) of any of our beers* for ONLY $5, for one calendar year (January 1 - December 31)!

*Mugs are filled to the half-way point for high ABV beers.

what is included in my membership?

Membership into the Punters Club includes the official 2019 Punters Club “pint pot” [20 oz mug], a special Punters Club tee, and a drawstring sports bag…perfect for carrying your pint pot ! The swag alone is worth over $35! You can also purchase a PREMIUM membership which comes with a $50 gift card for only $40! [$100 for $80 with the Double Punter membership]. That's a 20% discount for you to purchase anything from cans to merch.

Additionally, we will be brewing a special beer JUST FOR YOU! This will be a premium, one-time-only special edition beer that will be available on tap, and only Punters can have it!

Punter Single.jpg

punters club math

It's like getting every third pint for a buck!

Punter pints are only $5, for a savings of $2 per pint [$3 savings for premium $8 beers]. So it's pretty simple, really; if you come in once a week and have 3 pints, you'll save $6. Do that all year and you'll save $312, much more than the cost of membership! And remember, you're getting that cool swag, PLUS a one-time, premium, world-class beer brewed JUST FOR YOU to enjoy in the tasting room.

If you REALLY love it here, and come 3 times a week, you could be looking at a savings of at least $936! Yes, beer lover, you spend a lot of money on beer! 

Any way you do the math, the Punters Club is offering you a HUGE savings! 


The Punters Club is limited to only 125 members. Membership must be renewed on a yearly basis and current Punters Club members will get first chance to renew. After the renewal period, we will open up memberships for however many slots remain.

can i buy a punters club membership as a gift?

Absolutely! Instead of agonizing over what to get your significant other this holiday, give them the gift of HAPPY HOUR PINTS FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! A Punters Club membership makes a fantastic gift for the friend/couple/boss/employee/neighbor/cousin who is a beer aficionado and MacLeod Ale Fan!

i'm in! where do i sign up?

Head over to the Shop section on our website for all the membership levels and become a Punter today!

We have FOUR membership levels for individuals and couples:

Punters Club FAQ

What if I forget my Pint Pot at home?

Don't worry, we will have a list of all current Punters Club Members behind the bar and will have some extra Pint Pots on hand for you to borrow should you need.

Do I have to drink my pints out of my Pint Pot?

Not at all! You can drink your Punter pints out of a red solo cup if you'd like! Simply tell your friendly bartender you prefer your beer in our standard pint glass or whatever vessel you fancy!

Do I get a full 20 oz. of the Premium (high ABV) beers in my Pint Pot?

No. For safety reasons, we'll only fill your pint pot half way on any high ABV beers where the standard pour is 10oz.

Does membership in the Punters Club expire?

Yes. Membership is for one year only, January-December. Each year will feature a different Punters Club Pint Pot and each year the master member list will be revised. You can only receive Punter pints in the current year's Pint Pot. If you choose not to renew, you will no longer receive Punters Club member benefits.

When does my membership in the Punters Club start?

Punters Club membership will be for one calendar year, beginning January 1, and ending December 31. Punters Club Pint Pots will be available for collection in the taproom on December 1. You can begin using the membership right away, for some bonus membership time! 

What about Tips?

Tips are not included with your Punters Club membership. Please support our bartenders with the customary $1 or $2 per beer. The tip goes directly to your bartender and not to MacLeod Ale.

Can I share my Punter membership with my friends?

We love that you want to bring your friends into MacLeod Ale, but the Punters Club pricing is only for the specific Punters Club member. Please, no sharing of mugs. If you bring a lot of friends and you want to be a hero, you can purchase a guest membership, and your friends can use that mug when they come in with you!

Can I buy a Punters Club Membership as a gift?

Absolutely! There is a field to designate the member's name when you purchase a membership in our Shop.

Head on over to the Shop section of our website and join today!

All memberships are final and non-transferable.

MacLeod Ale does reserve the right to terminate a membership if program rules (as stated in FAQ above) are violated.

You must be at least 21 years of age to join.